This New Hulu Cartoon Came Just in Time for Pride Month

Once upon a time, Hulu put emphasis on "this season's hottest shows, all-time favorites, and hit movies." However, with its recent release of Daniel Errico's LGBTQ-inclusive short animation, "Rosaline," it has also managed to tap into its promise of "bold original series."

Errico's fairytale tells the story of Rosaline, a strong female character "whose tale was never told." Rosaline's journey begins when she ventures into town to meet her girlfriend in which she faces many obstacles, and unlike everyone else, she overcomes them.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Errico states, "Historically, kids' media shies away from LGBT love, marriage and identity, which can cause an imbalance," adding, "We are missing an opportunity to foster children's natural ability to accept and understand themselves and others."

Don't miss your chance to watch the "Rosaline" mini below:

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Photo Credit: Hulu/"Rosaline"