Iconic Photograph of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes Recreated Over 40 Years Later

Raising their fists in solidarity, Dorothy Pitman-Hughes and MAKER Gloria Steinem posed for Dan Wynn in a 1971 issue of Esquire magazine. It's still regarded as one of the most iconic photographs of the feminist movement in the continuous fight for equal rights.

Decades later, in 2014, they joined for a recreation of their original photograph — this time each adopting a soft smile.

"Gloria and Dorothy were phenomenal to share this moment as they stood together side-by-side again," Daniel Bagan, the photographer of the recreated image, said in a statement.

Pitman-Hughes, the lesser known feminist activist, is the co-founder of Ms. Magazine with Steinem, as well as the Women's Action Alliance in 1971.

The photograph led Bagan to create a "The Age of Beauty" series of women over 50, showcasing that with greater age comes greater strength and beauty.

Get to know MAKER Gloria Steinem in the player above.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Madjo