This "If I Were A Toy" Ad Is Defying Gender Roles

In a new English toy company ad, a young boy was featured doing more than playing football or video games.

The commercial features a boy dressed up as a princess and it's going viral, with many viewers applauding its stereotype-smashing hero.

According to Bustle, Smyths Toys posted the animated ad on Monday. The 40-second video stars Oscar, a little boy singing "If I Were A Toy," a creative remake of Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy." 

Oscar sings about different toys he'd like to become as he imagines himself as a rocket, Lego builder, dancer, and Millennium Falcon pilot.

Mixed in with the other lyrics, he said he wanted to "be the queen of the land." Next, Oscar is shown in a pink, shimmering dress and tiara, waving to the colorful town. 

This ad has sparked a conversation on Twitter, and thankfully most of the comments are positive. 

We are hoping this ad urges other companies to think about how they represent gender norms and maybe even eliminate them all together.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bustle