#IMarchWithLinda Is Trending After Palestinian-Muslim American Women's March Co-Chair Was Abused Online

Linda Sarsour, one of the Women's March co-chairs, is being attacked on social media by Islamophobics, arguing that she has ties to terrorists.

Sarsour, a Palestinian-Muslim American woman who wears a hijab, is widely known and respected for her activism in progressive causes for more than fifteen years.

The unity hashtag #IMarchWithLinda has begun trending on social media platforms like Twitter, and a petition on MoveOn.org is currently circulating with more than 21,000 signatures, signed by those who stand with her.

On January 23, Sarsour took to Facebook, striking conversation with supporters:

"The opposition cannot fathom to see a Palestinian-Muslim American woman that resonates with the masses. Someone whose track record is clear and has always stood up for the most marginalized," she wrote.

At the Women's March, in a powerful speech she said: "We know where we need to go and we know where justice is because when we fight for justice we fight for it for all people, for all our communities."

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