This Woman Just Got the Top Score On India's Toughest Exam

This Woman Just Got the Top Score On India's Toughest Exam


May 11, 2016

This 22-year-old political science graduate just received the top score on India's exhausting civil services exam.

Nearly 99 percent of the people who take the exam to earn prestigious careers in government, fail. Many reportedly take the exam repeatedly for years and never pass.

But Tina Dabi did. The key to her success? Her mother.

"There has been no pressure ever. I was always encouraged by my mother to opt for what I was good at," Ms. Dabi said in a television interview. "And maybe that’s why my base was so strong that I cleared the exam in the first attempt."

Her hard work also played a huge part. Dabi said her routine was studying 8 to 14 hours per day, taking breaks to paint and watch English language television shows.

The Union Public Service Commission administers the test once a year in three levels: a preliminary test, the main exam, and an interview. The test determines candidates for the foreign service, police force, and other government posts. According to one report, more than 400,000 took the test this year but only 1,078 test takers were contenders for jobs.

Though in the past women held top scores in the exam. In 2015, Ira Singhal achieved the best score and women dominated the other top four scores.

Dabi earned her political science degree from Delhi's Lady Sri Ram College two years ago and she grew up in Delhi with her parents and younger sister.

She is using her new post in the northern state of Haryana to empower and improve the lives of women.

"I can't wait," she said. And neither can we!

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Photo Credit: Zee News/YouTube

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