India Just Made a Bill That Gives Women 26 Weeks of Paid Maternity Leave

India just created a new extended policy giving women 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Hoping to fix the problem that only 27 percent of women work — costing India 2.5 percentage points of gross domestic product per year — India's new policy works to allow more women to work.

Meanwhile, the United States has no law that ensures paid leave.

The U.S. policy states that women will not lose their jobs if they take 12 weeks off after childbirth, due to the Family Leave and Medical Act of 1993, Fortune reports.

France's paid leave is 16 weeks, and Germany and Japan's paid leave is 14 weeks.

Trump's proposal from the campaign still puts the U.S. in last place among the OECD countries, along with Australia and Portugal — all who only give six weeks of paid leave.

India would rank No. 6 if it were an OECD country, but that does not leave the new policy without flaw. Fortune reports that the new policy applies to only 1.8 million female workers who are part of organized labors and are part of companies of greater than ten persons. The 16 million women who work from home for themselves are not covered by the new policy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, is hopeful, taking to social media to call the bill a "landmark moment in our efforts towards women-led development."

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