These Indian Female Motorcycle Gangs are Giving Us Squad Goals

These Indian Female Motorcycle Gangs are Giving Us Squad Goals


May 5, 2016

These Indian women motorcycle gangs are giving us all squad goals.

India's biggest annual biking festival "India Bike Week" has seen the participation of female riders double from 1,000 in 2014 to about 2,500 in 2015.

The dramatic increase could be due to these incredible biker gals who are determined to crush the patriarchy in their nation and stand up to the narrative of Indian women being "unsafe" alone. They are using their motorcycles to show their confidence and mobility.

Lady Bikers, Lady Riders, Hop on Gurls, Biking Queens, REgals, and Bikerni (the name for a female biker in Hindi) are just some of the female biking clubs that have cropped up across the nation, although men still dominate the roads in India.

Biker Aparna Bandodkar said in an interview that a woman on a bike is the best thing to happen for women's empowerment.

"Because even one woman on the road can inspire many others — and the chain reaction will lead to liberation."

Check out our gallery above to see these incredible Indian female motorcycle gangs.

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Photo Credit: Hop On Gurls/Facebook

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