The Indian Air Force Will Welcome Female Fighter Pilots

The Indian Air Force Will Welcome Female Fighter Pilots


Oct 27, 2015

The Ministry of Defense in India announced that they have approved a proposal to allow women to be fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force.

Women in the World reports that the first group of women will be selected from the current intake undergoing training at the Academy. 

The defense ministry announced that, "this progressive step is in keeping with the aspirations of Indian women and is in line with contemporary trends in armed forces of developed nations."

Women in the Indian Air Force already fly transport aircraft and helicopters. 

"Inducting women into the fighter stream would provide them with equal opportunity to prove their mettle in combat roles as well," according to the ministry.

According to Women in the World, the women pilots will be commissioned in the fighter stream in June 2016 and undergo advanced training for a year, ahead of beginning operations in 2016.

About 1,500 women make up the air force in India — 94 of whom are pilots and 14 of whom are navigators.

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Photo Credit: INDRANIL MUKHERJEE via Getty Images

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