The Internet Is Livid About Pepsi's New White-Washed Advertisement Mirroring Black Lives Matter Protest

Unfolding to the tune of Skip Marley's "Lions," the new Pepsi advertisement, "Live For Now Moments Anthem," starring Kendall Jenner has caused an uproar on the Internet.

Though the advertisement is assumedly meant to encourage others to drink Pepsi and be part of the "movement," the execution did not taste 'crisp, smooth, or refreshing.'

Following a mixed group of millennials marching in protest, a Muslim girl photographing the movement, and various musicians, artists, and members of all communities, the ad shows a blonde-haired Jenner watching from the side, as she models for a photoshoot.

As the group marches on toward a line of armed policemen, Jenner spontaneously joins them, tearing off her blonde wig, wiping off her lipstick, and making her way to the front of the pack. She then grabs a Pepsi, hands it to the officers, and miraculously, everything is resolved.

Though the video has since been unpublished, here's how the Internet's has already reacted:

How do you feel about this Pepsi advertisement?

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Photo Credit: YouTube/Pepsi Global