Exclusive Interview: This All-Female Motorcycle Gang Is "Badass"

Exclusive Interview: This All-Female Motorcycle Gang Is "Badass"


Feb 23, 2017

Pink smoke floods the street as the all-female, African-American motorcycle gang races forward from second line in New Orleans, burning their tires at 50 mph — in heels.

"The Caramel Curves call is the pink smoke," photographerAkasha Rabut said in an exclusive interview with MAKERS.

Infatuated by the pull of the New Orleans deeply rooted parade and marching band culture, Rabut abandoned her California post and took to street photography.

That's when she happened upon the all-girl crew. Taken back by their notable stance in the white, male dominated motorcycle club world, she knew she stumbled upon something unique. That's when Rabut decided she needed to tell their story and make it known that people like this exist.

“Watching them on their motorcycles — it’s like watching a ballet or performance. It's visually stunning," she said.

Rabut said that many of the women not only define themselves as "badass" but also come from all walks of life with some being business owners and others real estate moguls.

"They're not afraid to be like 'I'm a woman, I'm sexy and I'm on a bike and I'm a badass and I can do all the things a man can do but with more passion and force,'" Rabut said.

Five women founded the Caramel Curves right before Hurricane Katrina but because of the disaster, the gang was displaced and then restarted in 2007.

Rabut hopes that other women will feel as empowered as she does from the photographs of the powerful women that surround her in her everyday life.

Those powerful women include the members of the Caramel Curves.

"I can hear all their jewelry and accoutrements clapping together as they land and there’s something stunning about that."

Check out some more photographs of the Caramel Curves below, which have been previously released.

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Photo Credit: Akasha Rabut

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