Introducing Charlotte, The "Gender-Flipped" Sherlock Holmes

Though numerous "pieces of fan fiction and derivative works cast Sherlock, Watson, or both as women, and recent television reboots have also changed [their] character gender," Sherry Thomas' "A Study in Scarlet Women (The Lady Sherlock Series)" gives Sherlock Holmes' gender a whole new take.

Renamed Charlotte Holmes in the novel, the character — like her namesake — is, of course, imperfect. Even though both Holmes characters have flaws, according to National Public Radio (NPR), Charlotte's flaw is quite the opposite of Sherlock's.

While "[Arthur Conan] Doyle's Sherlock Holmes suffered from many a tragic flaw — hubris and the awful, weighty burden of his terrible genius among them, poor thing. Charlotte's flaw — among others — is her gender, and more specifically, the constraints and limitations placed upon her because of it."

And many of these drawbacks are entirely relatable. So, let's just say, if you want to find out how Charlotte overcomes these challenges and societal pressures, you'll have to see for yourself now because fans are loving it.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Sherry Thomas