Introducing The Wing: A Sacred Space for Women Between Work and Werk

Introducing The Wing: A Sacred Space for Women Between Work and Werk


Oct 14, 2016

Adorned with blush colored accent pieces, dainty bookends holding up feminist novels, and dim mood lighting, New York City's newest women's club has officially graced the streets of the Big Apple and it's unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Featuring various spaces for women to decompress, get motivated, and socialize, hype around this "sacred space for women between work and werk" is endless — and with reason.

"Born out of the belief that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together," The Wing sits perched in the heart of Manhattan, welcoming all ladies who want or need a "home base."

But, as if having a free space to gather with friends or meet new ones was not enough, The Wing is truly a dream world. A so-called elegant "throne away from home," a frequently needed getaway.

With a monthly or yearly membership, this safe zone offers anything and everything you could imagine: library work space, refreshments, charging station, lactation, conference, and phone rooms, showers, WiFi, and on-demand blowouts and makeup.

And we have co-founders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan to thank for it. Now, this space is yours to explore and conquer... with sisters, of course.


enchanté / welcome 2 the wing

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good morning from the wing. by @naimagreen

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shout out to all of our partners - all NYC-based, female run companies we are so grateful to know.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@the.wing

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