Iranian Actress Will Not Attend the Oscars to Boycott the Immigration Ban

Though Taraneh Alidoosti starred in the Oscar nominated Iranian film, "The Salesman," the Iranian actress will not be attending this year's Academy Awards.

That's because President Donald Trump's plan to temporarily ban immigrants from primarily Muslim countries, such as Iran, has left her and many around the world feeling discouraged.

"I decided not to go even if I could, because it hurts me deeply to see ordinary people of my country being rejected for what might be their legal right to have access to their children abroad or to their school classes as students," the actress told The New York Times.

On Friday, immigrants from Iran along with Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen were met with a 120 day suspension from coming to the United States as a way to "keep radical Islamic terrorists out." Just two days later, Federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly blocked the ban — the first legal challenge to the order.

Nonetheless, the executive order has sparked international criticism. Protests around the U.S. have erupted at major airports like New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport, and along with Alidoosti, reactionary tweets from celebrities have also surfaced.

"I'm sure the United States has also benefited many times from Iranian immigrants and people who have worked there and served that country," Alidoosti added. "So it's not acceptable to me to respect a state that does not respect the people of my country." 

Read her full tweet below.

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