Iran's First International Marathon Bans Women From Participating

The 'TehRUN,' which took place in Tehran on Friday is considered the Iranian capital's 'first international marathon.'

It was not hard to identify the lack of women as the streets flooded with male runners.

Six hundred Iranian runners signed up for the marathon, The New York Times reports. An additional 156 foreign runners signed up for the race. It was estimated that 206 women signed up for the race, the Associated Press reports. However, three weeks ago, female participants were told they would not be allowed to run.

Fast-forward to last Wednesday, two days before the marathon, officials said they could run but only on an indoor track, separated from the men, with strict wardrobe requirements.

With Iran enforcing strict laws between men and women — requiring them to compete separately — women were pulled from the marathon.

Last year, two women ran in Iran's international marathon despite laws and being banned from the event.

Sebastiaan Straten, who helped organize the marathon, said he "did not agree" with women being sentenced to running inside and claimed in a statement that he was going to "find other ways to make [steps] for female running in Iran."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ I run Iran marathon