You Will Never Guess Which MAKER Is Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Icon

Jennifer Aniston was recently named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in the World. In her interview, Aniston talks about her diet and newfound appreciation for skinny jeans, but more importantly she mentions that one of her beauty icons is none other than feminist icon and MAKER Gloria Steinem.

They shared the stage together at The 2014 MAKERS Conference where they covered topics ranging from gender diversity in Hollywood to Steinem's everlasting impact on women's advancement.

In her interview with People, Aniston said, "I've always thought Gloria is quite stunning for many, many reasons besides her exterior. She's taught me about feminism. There was a time when I was like, 'I'm not quite sure I understand what this is?' And she's like, 'It's very simple: it's just about equality. That's all it is.'"

Aniston also admits to having watched Gloria's HBO documentary about eight times. She revealed to People that her feminist outlook allows her to see beauty as something internal rather than external.

"Really learning to love every single thing about yourself. And also realizing that it's not just clothes and what's happening [on the outside]," Aniston said on the topic. "There's so much more that's beautiful in a human being."

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