Jimmy Carter: "The Number One Abuse of Human Rights On Earth... Is the Abuse of Women and Girls"

Jimmy Carter: "The Number One Abuse of Human Rights On Earth... Is the Abuse of Women and Girls"


Sep 8, 2016

Though violence against women remains a continued point of discussion around the world, little significant progress has been made over the last few years to amend and enact laws to even begin fixing the obvious issues.

In fact, former President Jimmy Carter gave a TED Talk in 2015 stating that, "Without any equivocation... the number one abuse of human rights on earth... is the abuse of women and girls."

And, with major progress in other important areas of politics, it's hard not to wonder why the three reasons he gave for said claim still apply more than a year later.

According to Carter, the reasons for this mistreatment of women are as follows:

1. Misinterpretation of holy scriptures
Carter states that doctrines are misinterpreted to keep men in "ascendant positions."

2. Tendency to resort to violence
Around the world, violence continues to increase, particularly against minorities. A few aspects of violence against women (VAW) that Carter mentions include female genital mutilation (FGM), honor killingshuman trafficking, and sexual assault.

3. "In general, men don't give a damn"
"The average man that might say 'I'm against the abuse of women and girls,' quietly accepts the privileged position that we occupy." In other words, while many men know the gender wage gap is wrong and violence against women is an increasing problem around the world, they choose to stay out of it in fear of having their prerogatives taken away.

So, since these problems are still increasingly prevalent (although with some progress on the wage gap front and men taking a stand), what then does Carter think women can do to change what governments around the world aren't? Use your freedoms to speak, act, and be forceful and demanding.

Watch Jimmy Carter's full speech below.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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