John Legend Proves Love Has No Borders in New "Surefire" Music Video

By Glamour

May 23, 2017

John Legend Proves Love Has No Borders in New "Surefire" Music Video

John Legend is using his latest music video, for the track "Surefire" from Darkness and Light, to prove that true love knows no borders -- either physical or cultural.

The video, directed by Cole Wiley, tells the story of a couple: Roberto, who is Mexican, and Jamila, who is Muslim. The four-and-a-half-minute piece, which does not feature Legend, shows scenes of the duo's loving relationship interspersed with the challenges they face as a result of their romance. The video portrays the young couple enduring harassment (with Jamila having her hijab ripped off by a bystander), grappling with Jamila's disapproving father, and Roberto being deported to Mexico by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Against the backdrop of Legend's velvety voice and poetic lyrics, which include the lines "Make this our kingdom/Somewhere where good love conquers and not divide," Jamila and Roberto eventually find their happy ending with the pair reuniting in Mexico. The romantic reunion is a visual representation of the enduring love that Legend sings about, proving that they're "surefire."

Legend's music video for "Surefire" is especially timely, given recent anti-immigration policies and racist rhetoric that have emerged under the country's current presidential administration. Wiley told Rolling Stone that Legend's music video was directed with the current political climate in mind.

"Human civilization is experiencing an extraordinary moment in time," Wiley told Rolling Stone. "We are more capable of doing more good than ever before, but we are still mired by a myriad of systemic failures that continue to arise because of our continuing lack of empathy towards others. That is why Jamila and Roberto, the star-crossed lovers featured in the 'Surefire' music video, face a number of obstacles that are heavily rooted in the current state of America. Fear of immigration, religious bigotry, and many other forms of prejudice are contaminating our cultural landscape on a daily basis."

Legend's video is meant to be a symbol of "eternal faith" and proof that "love is the most powerful force in the universe," said Wiley.

The video for "Surefire" isn't the first time that Legend has spoken out against President Donald Trump's immigration orders. In January, he voiced his passionate disapproval during his Producer Guild Awards acceptance speech. "Our America is big, it is free, and it is open to dreamers of all races, all countries, all religions," Legend said.

Watch the powerful video below:

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