Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Women in Politics On Katie Couric Podcast; Discusses Secret Revealed in Hillary Clinton's Published Emails

"Think... if you're a little kid right now… and the first president in your memory is an African-American man and the next president is a female," Julia Louis-Dreyfus set the scene for Katie Couric and Brian Goldsmith in their most recent podcast episode on women in politics. "Think how that changes your point of view on life generally... I think it's enormous."

And for her — an actress playing the first-female President Selina Meyer in the fictional show "Veep" — supporting Hillary Clinton and making this possibility a reality is extremely important to her both politically and socially.

But, while Louis-Dreyfus is undoubtedly 'With Her' for this election, she revealed that she found something unsettling hidden amongst Clinton's published emails — but it's nothing like anything you are thinking.

Instead, despite having received a letter after Christmas addressed to her on buck slip stating:


You're a great Veep.
Hope you can get gun control, immigration reform,
and job creation this season.

All the best,
Rodham Clinton"

Clinton confessed to a coworker in an email that she'd actually "never seen the show." Something Louis-Dreyfus found hysterical.

Aside from her personal anecdote regarding Clinton, Louis-Dreyfus believes there is still plenty of room for improvement in regards to women in both politics and in Hollywood, hoping that — as Couric put it — "the less novel it is, the easier it becomes," so sexism will no longer exist one day.

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