Julia Roberts Teaches Her Kids a Very Important Lesson About Beauty

Julia Roberts, recently named People's 2017 World's Most Beautiful Woman, teaches her kids, Henry, Hazel and Phinnaeus the meaning of beauty in the best way.

"It's an interesting navigation because you don’t want to mess them up, you don't want to make them aware of something that was better that they weren't aware of," Roberts told Jess Cagle in an interview with People. "I think as long as everybody smells good and has a smile on their face, that's a beauty regime!"

And Roberts is proud of how her kids are growing up — even seeing bits of herself develop in them.

"They all have a very keen sense of humor. They all have a sort of different style of humor, but I do think they are all pretty funny, and I really hope they get that from me because that’s what I tell everybody."

Thanks for the teachings of self-love and acceptance, Julia!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images