Julianne Moore Busts Out Her Soap Opera Skills, With Some Help from Taylor Swift

By Katey Rich

Like virtually every other actor who’s worked in New York at some point, Julianne Moore got her start on soap operas, playing both Frannie Hughes and her evil twin on As the World Turns. So no wonder she looks so at home lounging in a silk robe in this bit from last night’s Late Late Show with James Corden.

Sure, it’s a soap opera with a twist — though the Taylor Swift lyrics they're reading as dialogue work so well that you wonder why no one thought of this before. But even though we know Julianne has grown up to make major movies and win Oscars, it’s hard not to root for her and John Stamos to find some cheesy Lifetime movie they can star in together. Just for old time's sake.

To see where Julianne earned those soaps acting chops, check out this clip from her As the World Turns days.

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Photo Cedit: Jim Spellman via Getty Images