Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Owns a 'Dissenting Collar'

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Owns a 'Dissenting Collar'


Aug 1, 2014

In an in-depth interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo! News, Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed her collection of international jabots, or collars. The Supreme Court Justice wears the beaded or lace collars to accessorize her requisite black robes. They hang neatly in her closet across from her framed honorary degrees. Her favorite jabot--delicately woven with white beads--is from Capetown, South Africa.

Her dissenting collar is golden and armor-like: "It looks fitting for dissent," she says. She also has a majority opinion collar, which she wear when she's announcing an opinion to the court. It's bright yellow with small dangling crystals.

She has another pastor-like collar from the Metropolitan Opera's gift shop. It's an imitation of the one worn by the character Stiffelio in his eponymous opera.

Couric goes on to ask Ginsburg about Hobby Lobby (for which she wrote a 35-page dissent). "Contraceptive protection is something every woman should must have access to to control her own destiny," Ginsburg says. "[Corporations] have no constitutional right to foist that belief on the hundreds of women who work for them who don't share that belief."

While she believes that the Supreme Court justices who voted against her have a "blind spot" in their decision-making on Hobby Lobby, Ginsburg is still optimistic. "Justices continue to think and can change," she says. Here's hoping.

Watch Ginsburg's life story, in her words:

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