Kathrine Switzer, First Woman to Enter the Boston Marathon, Will Run It Again 50 Years Later

In 1967, MAKER Kathrine Switzer registered for the then all-male Boston Marathon in which she was attacked by an official on the course who had grabbed for her number while screaming and cursing "before being body blocked by her boyfriend."

Though the incident gained worldwide attention, Switzer was subsequently not the first female to run the race. In 1966, Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb was the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon, after her registration was denied.

Now, 50 years later and at 70 years old, Switzer is set to run the marathon again, wearing the same number as the official had ripped off of her all those decades ago: 261.

Learn more about her in her exclusive MAKERS story in the video player above.

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Photo Credit: PBoGS/Flickr