Kathrine Switzer Reports Live from the Marathon Where She Made History


Apr 19, 2015

Kathrine Switzer Reports Live from the Marathon Where She Made History

Today, pioneering marathon runner Kathrine Switzer is back where she first made history, hosting a telecast at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Look for live updates from both Kathrine and MAKERS throughout the day on @MAKERSwomen, with #WomenWhoRun. Like Kathrine says, "If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon."

Where did this story start? Kathrine Switzer was in the habit of signing her college papers "K.V. Switzer" and did so when she registered for the all-male Boston Marathon in 1967. She wasn't the first woman to run the race, but her presence as an official entrant made her a visible and potent threat to the sports world's status quo. The simple gesture became a striking representation of sports sexism when an official attacked Switzer on the course, grabbing for her race numbers and cursing at her before he was body blocked by Switzer's boyfriend.

The incident was broadcasted worldwide. It put a shocking face on the hostility women often received when they attempted to participate fully in athletics. Time-Life listed it among its "100 Photographs that Changed the World," and Switzer found a mission, as a sports and social advocate. Her 38 subsequent marathons (she's still running them) include a win in New York in 1974. Follow Kathrine's updates from the finish line of her 38th consecutive Boston Marathon, with @MAKERSwomen!


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