Katie Couric On Her Film "Gender Revolution"

Katie Couric teamed up with National Geographic for a documentary project to bring further awareness to the gender complexities that are emerging more frequently in society.

MAKERS caught up with Couric at the premiere of "Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric" on February 6.

"I want people to feel that I approached it with respectful curiosity and that they can learn along with me about sort of our changing notion of gender," Couric told MAKERS.

The film tells the stories of the many hardships, struggles, and successes of those who have grown up without a clear sense of personal gender because of society's imposed gender stereotypes.

In the film, Couric travels across the U.S. talking with scientists, psychologists, activists, authors, families, and individuals to uncover the complexities of gender, National Geographic explains.

"I think feminism really is political, social and economic equality of men and women and I think that should go for all human beings so I think that it's not right to marginalize anyone and everyone should be entitled to live their lives and be productive members of society, and sometimes it's hard for us to wash away our fears and our prejudices and I hope this film helps us do that," she told MAKERS.

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