Kesha Just Broke Her Silence After Losing the Rights to Her Own Voice

Pop sensation Kesha Rose sent a touching message to her fans — breaking her silence for the first time since a New York Supreme Court judge ruled she must keep her music contract with Dr. Luke, a man she claims sexually abused her for years. 

In the Instagram post below, she says fans should expect an even bigger statement from her coming soon.

Kesha said the producer allegedly drugged and raped her when she was 18 years old in addition to other allegations of drug coercion and physical abuse. Dr. Luke has refused to break the contract and denied the allegations of rape.

Kesha must now continue to work under Sony and Kemosabe, a record label run by Dr. Luke, who used to be a longtime mentor. And according to the recent ruling, Kesha is not protected from legal action if she released new music outside of her contracts. Her lawyers have stated the lawsuit could ruin her career, now held at a halt.

Since the controversial ruling, Taylor Swift has committed to donating $250,000 to Kesha as a "show of support." A spokesperson for Swift told E! Online that the donation is meant to help with any of her financial needs during this time.

And several female musicians including Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Ariana Grande, and Kelly Clarkson, have also stepped forward to show their support for Kesha, tweeting messages of empowerment and advocating on behalf of Kesha.

Kesha's mother praised Swift's donation.

The case has garnered criticism of courts ruling in favor of corporate interests rather than valuing human rights violations. In a recent analysis piece by Jezebel, the writer concludes: "When a woman as powerful and high status as Kesha can't win, the rest of us stand even less of a chance."

Others have taken to social media to express their outrage against the ruling in Kesha's case using hashtag, #FreeKesha:

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Photo Credit: Jefferson Siegel/NY Daily News/Getty Images