How These Children React to Today's Fashion Campaigns Will Surprise You

Spanish visual artist Yolanda Dominguez conducted an experiment with a group of young children to emphasize the pervasive stereotypes of women and men portrayed in the media. 

In the video titled, "Nino vs. Moda," Domniguez filmed a group of 8 year olds responding to a set of images from various fashion campaigns. 

The children were asked to describe the images with questions like, 'What do you see in this image?', and 'How do you think she is feeling?'.

The children responded to the images of the female models using words like 'drunk,' 'sick,' 'alone,' 'frightened,' and even 'disposable' to describe them.

On the other hand, the reactions toward the images of men portrayed in much more dignified scenarios were encouraging and almost celebratory, with many of the children explaining that the men resembled superheroes and CEOs. 

In short, female models were deemed weaker, while the male models were recognized as being stronger and more powerful.

While the innocent remarks from children cannot be masked, the sexist stereotypes of men and women portrayed in the media only seem to reinforce the danger of polarizing gender relations

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Photo Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images