Kristin Davis Shares How She's Helping to Save African Elephants

There's more to actress Kristin Davis than her role in "Sex and the City."

Davis appeared on AOL's BUILD series at AOL headquarters in New York to talk about her documentary, "Gardeners of Eden," to raise awareness about the elephant crisis in Africa.

"Every 15 minutes an elephant is gunned down for its ivory," the actress says in the film she produced. 

Her love for elephants was sparked at a young age when she was gifted a toy elephant when she was four years old. In 2009, she visited friends in Kenya and discovered an orphaned elephant, and felt compelled to take action.

Today, Davis is a patron of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and an avid promoter of its fight to save elephants from poaching. 

Learn more about Davis' initiatives to help save the elephants by watching her discuss the award-winning documentary about the Trust in the video above.

"Gardeners of Eden" was released in April 2015.

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