Lab Candy Allows Girls to Imagine Themselves as Scientists

Lab Candy, founded by 22-year-old scientist, Olivia Pavco-Giacci, aims to enable young girls aged from kindergarten to third grade to imagine themselves as scientists.

Pavco-Giacci shares that girls lose interest in science and math as early as 6 years old and she's eager to change that by empowering girls to imagine futures in stem.

"I think that there are lots of ways to empower young girls in science. Just take them outside and show them the stars," Pavco-Giacci, the young CEO, told NowThis.

Lab Candy comes with a kit providing DIY goggles, a colorful lab coat, and an interactive storybook about a brave young scientist named Ava who solves problems using science.

Ava does experiments that the children can do at home so they can compare their results, encouraging the learning of the scientific method.

"Teach them that science is all around them. Right?," Pavco-Giacci told NowThis. "It's the study of the world, it's the study of the universe."

Pavco-Giacci was just awarded the Discovery Science Superhero Award for using science to make an impact in her community.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Lab Candy