These Female Lawyers Founded Their Own Law Firm After One Tweet

Who knew the power of social media could yield a brand new law firm led by three African-American women?

When Yondi Morris grew frustrated with the lack of diversity at the law firm she worked for, she took to Twitter to express her frustration. Soon she connected with her friends Keli Knight and Jessica Reddick and just a year later in 2012, KMR Law Group was created.

In an interview with Reddick pointed out white men often dominate law firms and that’s why the group set out to change that.

"It was really important for us to figure out who we were in the industry because as young black women in an industry filled with older white men, particularly on the ownership side of the law firms, we wanted to make sure we could compete with our counterparts and be taken seriously," she said.

Now the women spent nearly four years running their own firm and have expanded their practice to include commercial and residential real estate transactions, corporate law, entertainment law and mediation.

Can we all say #blackgirlmagic?

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Photo Credit: Twitter