Here’s What Happens When Lena Dunham Interviews Hillary Clinton in "Lenny"

Today's a BIG day. Not only is it National Coffee Day, it's also the first day of Lenny, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner's email newsletter "where there's no such thing as too much information."

Topics include (but are not limited to) feminism, style, health, politics, and friendship, and the mission statement can be drawn from a couple perfectly written lines in the introduction: "Millennials are often accused of incredible solipsism that manifests as a desire to Instagram their own belly buttons rather than engage with the world around them. But that’s simply not true — and you're the proof."

If today's edition was an accurate indication of what’s to come in "Lenny," we cannot wait for the next one.

The inaugural newsletter sent this morning featured stories about the denim trend (a personal favorite), one title "Is My Period Weird?," another called "My Queer Wedding," and one in a series called "Out of Print," in which under-recognized female writers' works are showcased. The feature story was an interview with Hillary Clinton by Dunham. It was superb and it was a huge breath of fresh air from the usual typical, tired presidential candidate Q&As.

Dunham tees up the interview by sharing that she’s been a Clinton fan since 1992 when she wrote her third grade term paper on Clinton's then controversial "tea and cookies" comment (when Clinton told a reporter that she’d rather keep her job as a lawyer during her husband’s presidential campaign than stay and home to bake cookies and have tea).

Dunham asks Clinton to share memories captured in Instagram-worthy images from her college days at Wellesley, like one of her holding a megaphone, leading a rally on campus to extend curfews and visiting hours by men. "Curfews and visiting hours by men. That was what this was about. And you can see the crowd that it drew! These were people who really knew what they wanted," recalled Clinton. Scandal!

Near and dear to our hearts at Levo, Dunham also asks about Clinton’s feelings after she graduated from college ("So, so many of our Lenny readers are women in their 20s who are in that hazy space between college and the real world. They're not sure what they want to be, how they're going to be that."). Clinton boldly said, "I don't trust anybody who says that they didn’t have some questions in their 20s." (Presidential candidates are just like us!) Fun fact: Clinton and her friends drove Alaska after college, taking odd jobs along the way, which is how she ended up gutting salmon for a short period of time.

Also covered in the interview: Clinton's thoughts on college debt, her plan for working on race relations in the U.S. if she’s elected, whether she considers herself a feminist, and the controversial cold-shoulder Donna Karan dress she wore in 1993 (spoiler alert: it might make a comeback soon). Thank you, "Lenny," for giving a new spin to the political interview and so much other creative feminist content!

Watch Dunham's MAKERS story by watching the video above.

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Photo Credit: @lenadunham / Instagram