Lena Dunham Launches "Lenny Letter" Newsletter

Lena Dunham is extending her lucrative and omnipresent brand as writer-director-filmmaker-author to "newsletter publisher" with her new "Lenny Letter" newsletter, created with her fellow "Girls" show-runner, Jenni Konner.

Dunham announced her new initiative on her Instagram Tuesday with a photo from the newsletter's website with the caption, "We are so pleased to announce Lenny, the new email newsletter from @jennikonner & me. Feminism, style, health, politics: we will strive to bring it all to your inbox and to highlight unique voices. We sure hope yours is one of them. So get in bed with us at lennyletter.com."

The newsletter's Instagram page, which boasted an impressive 9,000 followers just hours after the project's reveal, features a video of both Dunham and Konner introducing the source of the name "Lenny" as a hybrid of their names 'Lena' and 'Jenni'.  

The website summarizes the newsletter's mission as: "Lenny is your over sharing Internet friend who will yell at you about your finances, help you choose a bathing suit, lamp, president…AND tell you what to do if you need an abortion."

The newsletter will host a variety of content in the form of essays, advice and product recommendations for millennial women. Dunham told the Cut that the origins of Lenny came about during the book tour for her best-selling memoir "Not That Kind of Girl" where she encountered leagues of women that inspired her "with their sense of community and their deep, deep desire for intelligent, politically liberal, thoughtful content that would speak to them."

Aware of the backlash of her show "Girls" for its lack of diversity amongst cast members, Dunham also noted that Lenny will be for a larger audience and not just for "straight, white cisgender women." Ultimately, Dunham strives to create an "inclusive" space where other young, connected and passionate women can live a more "connected life."

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