9 Reasons Why Leslie Knope is One of the Best Fictional Feminists

Even though "Parks and Recreation" is over, Leslie Knope is always with us — thanks to Netflix. If you miss the craziness that went on in Pawnee as much as we do, just know that you're probably not the only person re-watching every single episode of "Parks and Recreation."

While Leslie Knope is obviously a fictional character, her take on feminism is totally relatable. She's single-handedly responsible for the best friendship holiday ever  Galentine's Day. Her role models are all awesome women in politics. The love she had for her BFF Ann Perkins is deeper than most romantic comedies. And most of all, she totally embraced being herself.  

Check out why we think Leslie Knope is so great:

1. She wasn't afraid to call out this reoccurring problem in society

2. She always champions for women in politics

3. She takes friendship pretty seriously 

4. She takes initiative when it comes to solving problems

5. She is a dedicated hard worker

6. Even influential women like Michelle Obama are cool with her

7. Actually, she surrounds herself with smart women in general

8. She's a supporter of LGBT rights for everyone

9. And let's not forget how she ran for city council and won 

So go forth and be the "Leslie Knope of whatever you do" — or binge watch "Parks and Recreation" on Netflix. We won't judge. 

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