11 Life Lessons We Learned From “Legally Blonde” (in Honor of Its 15th Birthday)

It is hard to believe but "Legally Blonde" turned 15 years old on Wednesday. It was the summer of 2001 when this film starring a relatively unknown young actress named Reese Witherspoon was released. Ditzy sorority girl follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School to win him back while wearing pink and toting around her chihuahua? It didn’t exactly sound like Tolstoy, but little did we know that this would become one of the most beloved female empowerment movies of the decade.

In honor of the anniversary, Reese Witherspoon spoke about the film in a Q&A on Instagram. "I have had so many women say to me, 'I went to law school because of Legally Blonde,'" she said. Describing the movie as a "pivotal moment in feminism," Witherspoon also spoke about playing Elle Woods impacted her career. “I owe so much to the creation of that character. She's a big part of who I am as a person. I put a lot of myself into that — a positive person who is trying not to let other attitudes bring her down,” she said. “I am really proud of what we created.” Witherspoon even reached out to fans on social media and asked them to show their "Blonde" roots for the film’s anniversary by wearing pink, showing their law degree or posing with their dog.

Well however you want to celebrate the 15 year anniversary, we hope you will remember these lessons.

1. Do boast about your accomplishments
Though in the beginning Elle nonchalantly acts like it is no big deal she got into Harvard Law, when she gets the coveted firm internship she lets it be known to everyone how awesome she is.

2. Take your education seriously
Hey we love a good theme party as much as the next person but parties will only get you so far. An education will get you everywhere. It took Elle a little while to see that, but once she did she was unstoppable.

3. Know that smart people can love silly things
One of the best things about Elle is that she showed you could be girly and wear a lot of pink and use fluffy pens and still be a kick-ass lawyer.

4. Do have a go-to power outfit
Elle’s little black and white ensembles were cute and all but pink was her signature color and it worked for her.

5. Don’t choose to spend your life with anyone that makes you feel less than you are
Elle thought she had found the perfect match in Warner but once they got to Harvard she realized he still thought she wasn’t very smart. Don’t be with anyone that doesn’t see and appreciate how capable you are.

6. Do make your resume stand out
Elle literally made her resume pink and sprayed it with a perfume. Hey, whatever works for getting some attention.

7. Do always have allies
Sometimes the best people to have in your corner are the most unusual like your hairdresser, your sorority sisters and your dog.

8. Do pamper yourself sometimes
Everyone deserves a break so be sure to get your nails done and exercise because it makes you happy.

9. Don’t always believe first impressions
People are often not what they seem to be. Your nemesis can turn out to be your best friend.

10. Never be afraid of a challenge
Elle Woods wasn’t and neither should you be.

11. Orange is not the new pink
And it never will be.

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