Lilly Singh Wants You to Join the #BraToss Challenge

In the latest viral social campaign to follow the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge (that helped fundraise breakthrough research), the Mannequin Challenge, and the Harlem Shake, comes the #BraToss Challenge.

Created by MAKER Lilly Singh, also known by fans as YouTube sensation, Superwoman, the #BraToss launched on International Women's Day (March 8) to raise awareness for women's rights.

"This is my bra and I'm throwing it in support of every type of woman around the world. And I'm challenging every viewer of this video who believes in the power of sisterhood to take the bra toss challenge, because we're in this together. Tag, you're it," she says in the video, as she slingshots a bra toward the camera with women behind her doing the same.

Singh is the creator of #GirlLove, a campaign that encourages women to "support other women because when women are empowered, everyone wins."

Here's how to get involved:

Check out those who have already gotten involved, and toss on:


#bratoss challenge! Thanks for starting this tag @iisuperwomanii!!! I tag @missrballer @gracehelbig and @mametown

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Get to Know MAKER Lilly Singh in the player above.

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