Lin-Manuel Miranda Reiterates the Importance of Planned Parenthood for All Genders

Hamilton writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has fundraised for three Prizeo campaigns this past year. His most recent campaigning was for Planned Parenthood. 

"I support causes with which I have a personal connection. Wherever we feel we might be of service," Miranda said. 

In a video posted to Prizeo featuring his mother, who resides on the Planned Parenthood action fun board, Manuel offers two tickets to all three productions of Hamilton: on Broadway, in Chicago, and in the newly announced city of San Francisco.

"My mom has always worked in communities that are underserved. Growing up, I watched her counsel women and men who did not have access to the same quality medical care as families who lived just a subway stop away," Miranda told Motto. "Her life's work is a constant inspiration. This year, it has become even more important to help protect women’s reproductive rights and ensure their access to health care. I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where I can encourage people around the world to make a tangible difference for women in need."

The contest ending Wednesday, the day of Alexander Hamilton's birthday, allows for the ultimate Hamilton experience. The winner will be a guest of Miranda's and will gain access to a backstage tour, photos with all three casts, as well as paid airfare and hotel. 

Each donation to the campaign counts as an entry, and at the close of the campaign, an entry will be chosen at random.

Miranda urges others to get educated about the issues and to support the candidates and people in their communities who are doing more to protect reproductive rights and ensure women's health. 

"Women are 50 percent of the world's population — men can't sit idle if half the people around them don't have access to the care they need to lead healthy and productive lives. People also forget that Planned Parenthood provides important services for men and the entire family, too! Family planning, sexual health, all these issues impact everyone and are just as important for men to receive as it is for women," Miranda said.

As for his moral compass in rights activism, Miranda looks to Hamilton. 

"I think Alexander Hamilton's life is a testament to how much can be accomplished in a short lifetime. It speaks to all of us. It certainly spoke to me," he said.

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