Here's Your Opportunity to Live Well and Meditate With Oprah... For Free

When it comes down to it, "living well" isn't as easy to achieve as it sounds. It often makes one wonder what tricks celebrities use to maintain their busy lives without feeling the inevitable stress.

Oprah Winfrey's calm outlook is particularly fascinating, and may not be as difficult to achieve as one might think.

Here are three tricks, in her own words, to get you "unstuck" and help you create a limitless life:

1. "It will only get worse if you don't learn to manage your time now. And it's yours to design."
Oprah wants you to take control of your time, budget it, and stick with it. Over-cramming and not keeping time for you leads to stress, which makes trick #2 much more difficult.

2. "Your primary job is to take care of yourself. You've got to decide to make your health and well-being your priority."
With so much else on your plate, "you time" doesn't always seem feasible, but it's vital. Set aside even 10 minutes a day to breathe, "Otherwise you run out of oxygen. You become deflated and weakened and lose the will to keep going."

3. "Wellness flows from the inside out and, I believe, fundamentally begins with spiritual practice."
While all of these tricks are impossible without the other, this one has definitely had the most impact on Oprah's life. To her, spirituality simply means "that which nourishes your spirit or your heart and soul." What she loves to do? Sitting with her feet up and staring out into the ocean, going on a morning hike, sitting in silence, and embracing life.

But don't worry, if you are unable to do these things and maintain focus, you can even meditate with her virtually by signing up for her free 21-day meditation experience with Deepak Chopra beginning July 11, 2016.

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