This 12-Year-Old Is Smarter Than Two of the World's Reigning Geniuses

Lydia Sebastian makes being a kid genius sound like a walk in the park.

The 12-year-old English native is stated to have a higher IQ than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

An avid television quiz show viewer, Sebastian was inspired to put her own intelligence to the test. After some research Sebastian came across the Cattlle III B exam.

The exam is one of the two qualifying tests for the English chapter of the prestigious high-IQ society MENSA. 

In August 2014, Sebastian sat down to take the test and walked away with a perfect score — a solid measured IQ of 162.

Einstein and Hawking, while not known to have taken Cattle III B, were estimated to have IQs of 160. 

Her parents spoke with to express their astonishment over the daughter's test results.  

"We were surprised by how well she did," her father, radiologist Arun Sebastian, said.

Despite the outright shock, her father also revealed the tell-tale signs of Lydia's earlier days that she was not your average student. According to Mr. Sebastian, Lydia began to speak as early as six months and became an avid reader not too long after that.

Even with such outstanding scores, Mr. Sebastian has no lucrative plans to set his daughter up on the advance track to academia or genius stardom. He insists the that she remains normalcy during the pivotal years of her adolescence.

"She doesn't really know exactly what she wants to do," he said.

Whatever Lydia chooses to do, we have few doubts that it will be anything short of extraordinary.

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