#MadeByMAKERS: Female Beauty Makers

Amp up your beauty regimen this season by trying some of these skin care products made for women, by women.

To help these women gain even more momentum in the beauty industry, keep an eye out for their products online and in select stores.

And don't forget to nominate who you'd like to see featured here by using the hashtag, #MadeByMAKERS.

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Adina Grigorge | Adina Grigorge is the founder of Brooklyn-based all natural skin care company S.W. Basics. Grigorge first concocted her own lotions and creams that would be safe for the body and the planet to treat her sensitive skin. Well, word soon caught on about Grigorge's mission and products and S.W. Basics went from a Brooklyn commodity to a nationwide success now available in most Target locations.  Photo Credit: S.W. Basics

Mathilde Thomas | Mathilde Thomas is the co-founder of the beloved French brand Caudalie. The French beauty specialist grew up in the country side of the Bordeaux region of France — also known as the famous French wine country — where she was exposed early on to the natural gifts of beauty with local honey and grape seeds. Thomas and her husband  have pioneered French beauty rules with their luxurious, natural line that infuses powerful antioxidant-packed polyphenols for the ultimate skin treatment.   Photo Credit: Instagram

Anotnia Burrell | Skincare expert and facialist Anotinia Burrell is best known as one of the U.K.'s most sought-after skincare experts. With extensive aromatherapy and natural plant knowledge, her eponymous 100 percent natural, ethical and sustainable skincare line is a favorite among beauty goers. Photo Credit: Antonia Burrell

Emily Weiss | Beauty-focused entrepreneur Emily Weiss can be considered a rookie among the longstanding group of skincare experts. However, with her wildly successful site Into the Gloss and accompanying line Glossier, Weiss is proving to be pioneer in her own right. A knack for curating beauty content and product for millennials, Weiss is trailblazing a world where beauty knowledge and resources are more diverse and accessible than ever before. Photo Credit: Into The Gloss