#MadeByMAKERS: Female Candy Makers

Move over, Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly and Gramma Nutt — we're making a Candy Land of our own creation on MAKERS.com.

We're celebrating some outstanding female candy makers who are taking the sweet-treat industry by storm by featuring some of their finest creations here on MAKERS.com, as part of our #MadeByMAKERS campaign

To help these women gain even more momentum in the world of sweet treats, you can familiarize yourself with their brands in the gallery above, and keep an eye out for them in stores nationwide.

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Dylan's Candy Bar | Dylan Lauren certainly knows the sweet spot to success! Her famed candy shop opened in 2001 and houses over 7,000 confections. Its flagship store in New York City welcomes more than 2.5 million visitors per year, making it a top 10 tourist destination in the city. Lauren's candy bar merges the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with a mission "to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone," according to the store's website.

Salty Road | Marisa Wu is the woman behind Salty Road, the first and only salt water taffy made in New York City. She opened Satly Road in the summer of 2011 after her friends opened an organic produce stand in Far Rockaway beach and couldn't find a locally-made taffy. She jumped at the opportunity to make salt water taffy with a unique spin. "I wanted this taffy to be different so I decided to use natural flavorings like real vanilla beans, fruit purees, spices and large-grain sea salt," Wu said on the store's website. 

Quin Candy | At Quin Candy, the past meets the future for some reimagined, updated, and modernized candy. Portland, Ore., native Jamie Curl is the crafter behind this modern candy shop. Each piece of candy is handmade, and according to their website, made with "top notch ingredients every step of the way: real Oregon berries, housemade coffee extract made from locally roasted beans, hazelnuts from a few miles outside Portland, tea blended just a few blocks away from our candy kitchens and specially blended fruit and vegetable extracts for color and flavor."

Liddabit Sweets | Liddabit Sweets was founded by Liz Gutman and Jen King. The two became friends over pre-class snacks and realized they both had a passion for fresh, quality ingredients. They had spoken about starting a business and that dream became a reality in early 2009 when they opened Liddabit sweets. According to the shop's website, they are commited to "using as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible to create fresh, delectable, responsibly made sweets for you to enjoy."