#MadeByMAKERS: Female Jewelry Makers


Jun 4, 2015

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Jewelry Makers

We're celebrating jewelry makers by featuring some of their fine earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more in the gallery above. 

To help these women gain even more momentum in the jewelry making industry, you can familiarize yourself with their brands and keep an eye out for their gorgeous jewels in boutiques and online.

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Catbird | Rony Vardi, the founder and designer of this chic Brooklyn, N.Y., boutique, opened her store in 2004 with buyer Leigh Plessner. Catbird has since found fans in celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Emma Watson, and Kristen Stewart. Pictured: Full Heart Necklace, $98-216
MANIAMANIA | Australian art director and stylist duo Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis launched MANIAMANIA in 2009. The company instantly attracted the attention from international press and retailers. Its collections have aptly been described as "mystical adornment for modern times." Pictured: Underground Bangle, $220
Erica Weiner | Erica Weiner's fine jewelry line was inspired by her formidable and stylish grandmother Mollie, who was born just down the street from her Manhattan storefront. Weiner's jewelry studio is a hive of activity, where on any given day there are eight to 10 women working together to design, manufacture, and disseminate the EWJewelry collection. Pictured: Acrostic Alphabet Studs, $100
Liz Phillips | Liz Phillips is a New York City-based jewelry designer and graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. Her jewelry is inspired by her love for gemstones and for India's colorful "Pink City" of Jaipur, where some of her jewelry is made by local artisans.
KT Ferris Creations | Kt Ferris founded her jewelry company in 2012 in New York City, where she studied the art of jewelry making at Studio Jewelers Ltd. in Manhattan. Ferris' inspiration comes from the unknown in the deepest parts of nature, and from the desire to make people feel good. Pictured: Split Seashell Ring, $60
Tuli | Megan Hoye co-founded Tuli, a women-run company that fights poverty by empowering women in Uganda to earn an income through business and design. Tuli sells jewelry made in Uganda to an international market, creating sustainable incomes for single mothers who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to work. Pictured: Avery bracelet in yellow, $28
Jenny Windler | San Francisco-based jewelry maker Jenny Windler's love for functional objects, industrial design, and architecture, play a major role in inspiring her collection. All her jewelry is cut, formed, soldered, enameled, and finished by hand in her studio. Pictured: Gold Fill Crinkle Bangles, $135
TAudrey | Designer Tiffany Ortiz, makes every item in her collection by hand, ensuring personalized service and a quick turnaround — from her hands, directly to yours. The Miami-based company was founded in 2009, and was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Ortiz fused her first name with Hepburn's to create a brand associated with the timeless elegance and mischievous nature personified by Hepburn. "TAudrey girls dance on the line where grace meets grit and rather than dressing to perpetuate stereotypes, they proudly contradict them by wearing simple jewelry with unexpected sass," she writes on her website. Pictured: The Fashionista's Diary Set, $98
Pink Moon Jewelry Shop | Pink Moon Jewelry is contemporary handmade jewelry designed by Shannon Stewart of Vancouver, BC. According to Pink Moon Jewelry, their jewelry is made to compliment your look both day and night. "Inspired by the richness and spiritual elements of semi-precious stones and the flash of Swarovski crystals, Pink Moon Jewelry is designed for all women who desire a little sparkle in their life," she writes on her Facebook page. Pictured: Swarovski Crystal- Faux Druzy Earrings - Sterling Silver, $42
Three Jane NY | West Village resident Katie Schloss is the designer behind this whimsical collection of jewelry that blends art deco styles with rich, decorative colors. Three Jane is most notably recognized for Schloss' best-selling Map Necklace (pictured on her), a concept she licensed to A. Jaffe, a 122-year-old engagement rind brand in 2014.

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