Madison Reed Plans to Change Hair Color Industry, One Mailbox At a Time


Aug 21, 2015

Madison Reed Plans to Change Hair Color Industry, One Mailbox At a Time

Nowadays, people can try out new beauty products and snacks without having to go to stores thanks to monthly subscription services.

Madison Reed, a hair care startup that launched in 2014, joins the mailbox delivery ranks with at-home hair coloring kits. 

The startup hopes to tap into the estimated 100 million American women who dye their hair regularly. According to Fortune, about 65 percent of those 100 million women who color their hair already do it themselves at home. 

More and more, women are growing an interest in products that are free of harsh chemicals. Luckily, Madison Reed has developed its hair dyes without ammonia and PPD. 

Aside from revolutionizing the at-home hair color industry, the hair care startup has plans to partner with beauty retailer Sephora to sell a "root touch up" powder in stores and online.

Amy Errett, is the founder and CEO of Madison Reed, which is named after her daughter. Discover more details about the startup in the video below:

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Photo Credit: Valentine via Getty Images

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