This Magazine Plans On Celebrating All Women In a Huge Way

When most people think of a fashion magazine's September Issue, hundreds of pages filled with glossy ads and high-profile celebrities might come to mind. 

For the first time in the magazine's history, Redbook is stepping outside of the box by choosing to feature six women who are not huge celebrities, as opposed to one famous person to cover their September issue.

The women are winners of the second annual Redbook Real Women Style Awards and they represent a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, hometowns and careers. The cover winners beat out 5,000 other contestants, according to Fashionista

Although they're not celebrities by definition, the cover winners are no strangers to the spotlight — they all run style blogs. Having a full-length photoshoot is definitely a nice change of pace from posting selfies. 

Editor-in-chief Meredith Rollins shared a few words in an interview with Fashionista: 

"Getting the September issues and leafing through them is such a thrill. You don't look at it and say 'Oh, that's going to be something I'm going to be trying next Tuesday night on date night.' It's meant to be purely inspiring. So to be able to put something out there that is really actionable, it's really useful, but no less inspiring and just as exciting to see, I think is really revolutionary."

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