Find Out How Maisie Williams Is Brilliantly Addressing Sexism in the Entertainment Industry

"Game of Thrones" fans recognize Maisie Williams for her role as the revenge-driven Arya Stark. But even with shows like "Game of Thrones," there's still a severe lack of complex female characters across television and film. 

For a profile in the London Evening Standard, Williams voiced her thoughts on the lack of equality among actors: 

"There are a lot of roles that come in that are 'the girlfriend' or 'the hot piece' in a movie or TV series. That's something I've seen first-hand and read all the time. It will say, 'Derek: intelligent, good with kids, funny, really good at this' and then it will say, 'Sandra: hot in a sort of cute way' — and that’s all you get. That's the way your character is described, so going into an audition you are channeling 'hot,' which isn't like a person, that's not who a person is," Williams said."That's what I see and that's what needs to change. I've been lucky enough to play a very great female character from a young age, who is a fantastic role model for girls."

Aside from sexist characters, women in the entertainment industry are still fighting the wage gap. Jennifer Lawrence was recently named the highest paid actress in the world, but still makes severely less than the highest paid male actor. 

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