A Major Voice of Aleppo, 7-Year-Old Bana al-Abed Is Now Safe

Bana al-Abed has been called by some our time's Anne Frank. The 7 year old has been using Twitter to update the world on the status of Aleppo's crises in real time.

Between her messages of sadness, hope, and resilience, her account has allocated more than 320,000 followers. Those followers were relieved on Monday to see one silver lining out of the city's destruction when they learned that the 7-year-old girl had been evacuated from Aleppo.

According to The Washington Post, Ahmad Tarakji, president of the Syrian American Medical Society, says NGO workers are now helping her, her mother, and others.

al-Abed and her mother, Fatemah, grew in popularity over social media not only because of the emotional rhetoric of their messages, but because their tweets and videos were almost immediate.

Because of this, al-Abed and her mother faced critics who attempted to discredit the account's authenticity, The Post reports. The critics claimed the account was "too active" given the city's abundant power cuts. Not to mention, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad called the tweets "propaganda."

This ignited some fact-checking initiative by Bellingcat (a website for citizen jounralists), and a final report has rebuked the theories surrounding the account's validity.

al-Abed and her mother had a unique, encouraging presence among the chaos, and her evacuation aligns with her messages that have rung clear throughout the war — to keep hoping and helping.


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Photo Credit: Twitter/ Bana Alabed