MAKER Alicia Keys Covers Time Out Magazine

In her new interview with Time Out magazine, MAKER Alicia Keys explains how she decided she doesn't want to sit at a piano anymore, and she also reveals the inspiration behind some of her most popular songs.

The New York native discusses how she never thought her going makeup free would start a movement, or how some may have misinterpreted it as anti-makeup.

"We're trying to break out of our inherited stereotypes and misinformation. It's screwing us all up," Keys said. "I'm trying to work on loving myself the best that I can."

Keys also shares her thoughts on police brutality and what it's like raising black boys in America. The soulful singer emphasizes, "We're fighting a war as women."

Time Out also exclusively reveals that the Grammy-winning artist will play a surprise show on her home turf on October 9.

Click here to read her full interview with Time Out and watch her never seen before exclusive MAKERS story in the player above.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Time Out Magazine