MAKER Chelsea Handler Says #NoExcuses: Get Out and VOTE

MAKER and self-proclaimed "Nasty Woman," Chelsea Handler, is getting serious about getting people to the polls. Well, sort of serious.

With less than a week until the election, the TV personality gave her audience "Nasty Woman's Hot Voting Tips," to offer up some helpful, and funny tools to encourage people to vote.

Her advice is pretty on point, too.

"If you want to avoid long lines at an actual voting place, the best time to vote is mid morning to early afternoon," she said. "I actually enjoy the long lines because you get to meet all your neighbors you spent the last four years trying to avoid."

Even with the light, yet poignant, tips, Handler also got real. Her second political video, which premiered on theSkimm, encourages people to vote no matter what, because to her, there are #NoExcuses.

"I know what you are thinking, 'Chelsea I don't like any of the candidates," she said. "Find a down-ballot issue that interests you like legalizing marijuana, minimum wage increases, or common-sense gun laws."

Check out Handler's exclusive MAKERS video in the player above, and watch these latest voting videos below.

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