MAKERS Emojis: "Femojis"

MAKERS Emojis: "Femojis"


May 22, 2015

Apple recently updated its iPhone emoji alphabet to include a wider variety of skin tones in an effort to promote diversity.

And while this initiative is certainly commendable, their collection of female emojis remains limited to characters like brides and princesses. Activities are limited to sexy salsa dancing, getting haircuts, and wearing bunny costumes.

The updated emoji alphabet features male emojis of all skin tones representing police officers, construction workers, and jockeys, who enjoy numerous activities like walking, swimming, riding a bicycle, and even rowing a boat.

Compared to larger global women's issues, emojis may seem insignificant, but these tiny characters have become the primary language young girls use to express themselves in text messages or on social media. And if they don’t see a female police officer like Val Demmings, are they less likely to aspire to be one? 

In the words of many of our MAKERS, "You have to see it to be it."

If Apple is going to make an effort to be progressive and value diversity, their next iOS update needs to feature a larger representation of females in their emoji alphabet.

Click through the slideshow above for a few examples of MAKERS' female emojis (aka “Femojis”) we’d like to see on our iPhones.

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