MAKERS Merch: 10 Wearable Ways to Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows she's Tumblr-famous, and has admitted to having 'quite a large supply' of Notorious R.B.G. shirts. So why not show your love and support for her with these fun shirts, totes and more. Because who wouldn't want a "Notorious R.B.G." sweatshirt?

Learn more about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's story by watching the video below.

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“Notorious R.B.G.” Sweatshirt | $35, Look Human

"RBG is my BAE" Shirt | $23, Look Human

"You Can't Spell Truth Without Ruth" Tote | $20, Look Human

“You Don't Like RBG? I Object!” Tee | $35,

Earrings | $23,

"Baby Ruth" Onesie | $23, Look Human

"You've Been Ruth Bader Ginsburned" Shirt | $24, Look Human

Keychain | $23,

“The Ruth Will Set You Free” Tee | $25,

"Ruth Bader Ginspurrg" Tee | $23, Look Human