MAKERS On the Subject of Anger

New York Magazine recently featured 25 iconic women talking about their experiences with anger. Check out what some of our MAKERS had to say in the gallery above.

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Margaret Cho | "Anger has been a tremendously healing tool for me. Obviously, there’s a lot of language around not being angry and accepting and forgiving your abuser, but — I don’t want to forgive. [Laughs.] I don’t care! I'm not taking the high road. I'm not here to be the better person. That, to me, is another way to excuse rape. Why are you trying to forgive your abuser? You need to forgive yourself … My rage is really keeping me alive, my rage is my art. We’re always told by therapists and clergy and mentors that you need to forgive and heal, and I’m not there, and I don’t plan on going there." —Washington Post, November 2015 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Serena Williams | "I've cracked a number of rackets throughout my career. I've gotten fined a number of times for cracking rackets. In fact, I look at it like I didn’t crack one at the French Open or Rome, so I was doing really good. I don’t want to go too long without cracking a racket. You know, I’m on track. I try to crack a certain amount a year. I’m a little behind this year, so it was good." —Associated Press, July 2016 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Indra Nooyi | "When you assume negative intent, you’re angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed. Your emotional quotient goes up because you are no longer almost random in your response. You don’t get defensive. You don’t scream. You are trying to understand and listen because at your basic core you are saying, ‘Maybe they are saying something to me that I’m not hearing.'" —Fortune, 2008 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Gloria Steinem | "I'm on campuses a lot, very different kinds of schools. I still get asked, ‘How can I [the student] combine motherhood and career?' and I tell them, ‘Until men are asking that same question, you can't.' I say, 'By now we all know that women can do what men can do, but it's not the other way around. No, you can’t do it all — so get mad.' Why are we the only modern country without proper child care or health care? They aren’t angry enough." —Stanford Report, January 2012 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jessica Williams | "There's this idea of the ‘Angry Black Woman,’ and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, because I often feel like I’m put in that category. A lot of women of color are put in that category, when I think our anger is justified. I actually think that female anger isn’t that different from male anger. Boxing and football are, like, national fucking pastimes. And yet, when a woman expresses that she is unhappy with the way in which our society exists, that’s a big fucking problem. That’s crazy to me." —Bust, February/March print issue Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nora Ephron | "I'm already nervous about using the word ‘anger,’ because I’m not a particularly angry person, but I do think that underneath pieces like 'I Feel Bad About My Neck' is some kind of actual anger about the aging process. Which then turns into a bunch of jokes. But I don’t think all humor comes out of unhappiness or pain. There are simply too many funny people who had a completely, you know, normal childhood." —Salon, November 2010 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Shonda Rhimes | On being called an "angry black woman" in a New York Times column, Rhimes responded, "Wait. I’m 'angry' AND a ROMANCE WRITER?!! I’m going to need to put down the internet and go dance this one out. Because ish [sic] is getting real." —her Twitter, September 2014 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fran Lebowitz | "I'm pretty angry, but the problem with me is that I’m always in an extreme state of rage. I have all this other rage in me from 1950." —The Huffington Post, October 2012 Photo Credit: Getty Images

Joan Rivers | "The minute you’re not angry about things, the minute you're not upset about things, what are you talking about? … I'm furious about everything. Good things don’t always happen to good people. And I’m very angry about it. But if I didn’t have the anger about it, I wouldn’t be a comedian. Anger fuels the comedy." —"Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work," 2010 Photo Credit: Getty Images