Malala's 18th Birthday Celebration Launches #BooksNotBullets

Malala Yousafzai, the amazing young woman who risked her life to promote equal-opportunity education and rights for women in the Middle East, announced a new social media campaign to celebrate her upcoming 18th birthday on July 12th.

#BooksNotBullets is a call to action to demonstrate to world leaders the importance of funding educational programs over excessive military spending. A report released by the Malala Fund revealed that it would take $39 billion dollars to universally fund quality K-12 educations for every child on the planet — about as much as the global military spends in eight days.

"The poorest girls get just three years of schooling because of a lack of will and vision by our governments. This is unacceptable. Leaders of the 21st century must deliver on their promises to invest in the future and start investing in books, education and hope, rather than in weapons, war and conflicts," Malala said in a statement before her speech at the Oslo Education Summit on Tuesday.

Want to get involved with the campaign? Post a photo of yourself with your favorite book using the #BooksNotBullets hashtag on Malala Day (July 12th)!

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